FAQ - General

What is this app about?

Its about coolplaces that you bookmark in CoolCities™!

How do I delete a coolplace bookmark or a photo?

Find the bookmark in your list and uncheck both “have been” and “wish to go”.

What happens if I delete a coolplace bookmark?

The photos you uploaded for that coolplace and any comments you made for that coolplace will be removed from public view. The bookmark will be removed from your list.

Are all my coolplace bookmarks public?

Yes. CoolCities is a sharing community. Think of your bookmark as a tweet.

But there are coolplaces I want to keep private!

In the next version we will implement private bookmarking as a feature. You will have the option for your coolplaces to be visible only to your friends or just to you.

How do I protect my privacy until then?

CoolCities is not Facebook. Use an alias or a nickname and upload photos of the coolplace, not yourself.

How do I share a coolplace bookmark with all my friends?

You can share it through the CoolCities™ app with all your Facebook friends.

Do you share my data with…

No. With no one. Period. You choose what to share with the public.

FAQ – What's useful about CoolCities™

CoolCities™ is your Coolplaces directory similar to your contacts directory. Capture everywhere you wish to go and everywhere you have been, all in one place!

You can bookmark a coolplace in three seconds with three different ways:

  1. You walk past a place, click the red camera, choose the middle pop up button and snap a photo. If the place is not already in the list, start typing it’s name and it will appear. You can also move the pin on the map to get closer to the place you want to tag. Nice you find it, choose “have been” or “wish to go” and you are done.
  2. You have a photo of a place in your photo albums: Click the red camera, then the first pop up button, chose the photo and follow the above instructions.
  3. You just remembered about a café and you don’t have a photo? Click the red camera, chose the third pop up button and start typing the name of the café and it will appear on the list for you to choose.

Do I have to say “wish to go” or “have been” for each of my bookmarks?

Yes. Why would you bookmark a coolplace if neither of these is true?

What's the story about “discovered” places in my coolplaces bookmark list?

This is how you get the most points! If you are the first one to bookmark a Coolplace in CoolCities™, you are credited for discovering it. The more users like it, the more users wish to go to it, the more points you get. So get out there and start the hunt!

Can I review a coolplace?

You can add comments or photos on a place. A photo equals a thousand words. We do not believe in star reviews. If you liked a place you probably want to go again. So check both “wish to go” and “have been”.

Can CoolCities™ help me plan a trip?

Yes! See how:

  1. Do you know a friend who has been there and is also in CoolCities? Browse their bookmarks and add them to your list by clicking “wish to go”.
  2. Search CoolCities for Coolplaces bookmarked by other users.
  3. Click the red camera and choose the third option. Search for a place name or browse the map, move the pin and see names of places around you. Bookmark coolplaces that you like to visit in your trip.

Is there a map view in CoolCities™?

Yes! Look for the map icon in your bookmark list to the right of your screen.

How can I meet people in CoolCities™?

At first, invite your friends from the vertical menu, there is an option towards the end of the list. Or ask other CoolCitizens to be your friends. If they accept you as a friend you can message them and hang out together.

How do I find CoolCitizens to follow, be friends or meet in real life?

Browse places you like, see who else likes them, check people’s profiles, check their levels. See if you like the same places and start from there.

FAQ – Compete!

How do I get points, levels and achievements?

Everything you do counts in coolCities. But some things bring you more points:

  1. Be the first to tag a place. You will be getting points from that place every time someone likes it, uploads a photo, wishes to go or goes there.
  2. Upload many photos, get smiles on your photos. Make sure they are yours, respect other people’s work, privacy and copyright.
  3. Invite your friends to join CoolCities.

Do Coolplaces get points like users do?

Yes! The more users bookmark a coolplace the highest it’s score.

Do CoolCities™ get points?

Yes! CoolCities depend on their users and places for their world rank!