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CoolCities Bucket List is all about your life’s adventures and desires.
Bookmark all the places you like and wish to go.
See where cool people have been.
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What can I do in CoolCities Bucket List?


Browse the news feed and discover new places.

  • Click on button CoolCities wish to go or  CoolCitieshave been to add the place to your bookmarks
  • Share a place with your friends and on your social media
  • See who wants to go or has been there
  • Discover where the cool people go

We made it easier for you to keep record of all the beautiful places you have been and all the new places you wish to visit.

  • Keep a virtual diary of every place you have ever been
  • Access your favorite places from any device and see them on the map
  • Share your global footprint and showcase your travels
  • Be the first to discover a place and earn points

Connect with others who like the same places and message them to hang out together.

  • Keep in touch with old friends
  • Get to know someone new
  • Build your community
  • See where cool people go

Available on iOS and Android

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